Alphakek AI to Integrate with

Alphakek AI to Integrate with

We are excited to embark on this exciting journey with Stay tuned for integration updates as we continue to build the AI infrastructure layer of Web3, offering an essential alternative to heavily censored big tech options like OpenAI and Anthropic. Integration's mission is to offer a unified platform for AI services, enhancing accessibility, cost, and integration. That’s why Alphakek AI is proud to announce the integration of its cutting-edge AI models into via our Alpha API.

This partnership will allow users to benefit from our unique AI technology designed specifically for the crypto industry, including our proprietary data engine, Fractal, which includes 50,000 financial documents and counting.


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The web-based AI landscape is currently fragmented, with users facing challenges like tool incompatibility, limited access to custom AI, and high costs. aims to address these issues by offering a unified platform for AI accessibility and integration.

Phase 1: AI Aggregator acts as a one-stop shop for diverse AI services, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions. Users can access a wide range of popular AI tools with just one single subscription, making experimentation so much more affordable.

The platform will greet users with an intuitive interface, trained AI assistant to help you find the right tool for your task, and easy-to-understand hints and documentation. By combining multiple AIs, users can create their own workflows and unlock new creative possibilities.

Phase 2: Decentralized GPU Cloud

This phase brings access to custom AI models through the web-based experience. Previously, custom & custom-trained AIs were reserved to computer experts with expensive hardware. With the Decentralized GPU Cloud, users can utilize custom & custom-trained AIs through the dashboard, in their browser.

Users can contribute their unused GPU power to the network and earn rewards in the platform's 1HUB token, similar to mining.

This model removes the need for expensive hardware, enabling more users to explore custom AI. The network dynamically scales computing power based on demand, ensuring efficient handling of intensive AI tasks. Blockchain technology provides a secure environment for workload distribution and fair reward allocation.

Conclusion is more than an AI aggregator: It's a comprehensive platform designed to empower everyone to harness the full potential of AI, regardless of experience. With its focus on an unified accounting system, maximum accessibility, and straight-forward user-friendliness, aims to redefine the web-based AI landscape and establish itself as a cornerstone in today’s AI usage.

About Alphakek AI

Alphakek is an AI lab that seeks to be an indispensable AI infrastructure layer for Web3, helping users better navigate the space and improve their financial decisions. Their B2B solutions currently power Web3 tools and applications using a next‑gen, unbiased AI model and data engine designed for crypto.

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