AlphaKEK Integrates with SelfKey DAO

AlphaKEK Integrates with SelfKey DAO

AlphaKEK is excited to share details of a new partnership with SelfKey DAO, a leader in decentralized identity. Please note that utilizing SelfKey's services and the benefits of this integration is completely optional.

About SelfKey

SelfKey Identity Network is a blockchain based self-sovereign identity system that allows individuals and companies to truly own, control and manage their digital identity and securely manage their digital assets.

The $KEY token, currently trading on Binance, powers the ecosystem, enabling trust and reputation whilst allowing participants to exchange value.

SelfKey Integration

In our continuous effort to enhance the value and utility of the AlphaKEK ecosystem, we have successfully integrated SelfKey iD into our backend systems. This strategic move not only enriches our ecosystem but enhances security, integrity, and value of our services.

It's important to note that AlphaKEK will not have access to user data in any way, as SelfKey offers Zero-Knowledge Filters for verification. Your privacy is maintained. Learn more about ZK here.

By leveraging SelfKey's decentralized identity solutions, AlphaKEK users could (optionally) buy and hold a SelfKey iD, which is worth $99 in $AIKEK tokens. For instance, if a user already holds $100 worth of $AIKEK tokens, adding a SelfKey iD to their portfolio will elevate their total value to $199 worth of $AIKEK for the purpose of tier computation.

SelfKey Contributions

AlphaKEK users will receive a 60% discount on SelfKey's identity service by using the code ALPHAKEK, lowering the entry fee to just $10. Additionally, all new SelfKey iD holders are eligible for an airdrop of 50 $SELF tokens, the governance token of the SelfKey DAO.

SelfKey stands to gain additional users and further utility for its token through this partnership, while AlphaKEK enhances its commitment to providing a secure and compliant environment for its community. This relationship allows AlphaKEK to focus on expanding its AI product suite without bearing the direct costs of handling sensitive user data directly.


Over the next month, both platforms will conduct additional joint marketing and feature direct links to each other's services, making it easy for users to navigate between AlphaKEK and SelfKey. This streamlined approach aims to foster a greater sense of community and engagement among users of both platforms.

About AlphaKEK AI

AlphaKEK is an AI lab that seeks to be an indispensable AI infrastructure layer for Web3, helping users better navigate the space and improve their financial decisions. Their B2B solutions currently power Web3 tools and applications using a next‑gen, unbiased AI model and data engine designed for crypto.

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