AlphaKEK AI is Coming to Arweave

AlphaKEK AI is Coming to Arweave

AlphaKEK, the AI lab, has launched their first suite of AI-powered products for Web3 and is deepening their integration with the Arweave ecosystem with a string of high-profile partnerships.

As of late, the team has been focused on expanding their AI suite of products to enhance their conversational and research assistants that offer consumers and business bespoke, actionable insights to navigate and capitalize on the dynamic web3 ecosystem.

And now, they’re expanding into the Arweave ecosystem to leverage the power of permanent, immutable storage for their products and to provide their users with more liquidity and portable DIDs.

New Partnerships

AlphaKEK & everPay

The partnership with everVision will see the $AIKEK token listed on everVision’s payment network everPay, and the decentralized exchange Permaswap. This will allow AlphaKEK users to trade $AIKEK, instantly and with zero gas fees, giving users a secure and convenient alternative to Ethereum. Additionally, users will be able to purchase $AIKEK with a credit card or through bank transfer by leveraging everPay’s feature to purchase crypto with fiat. Together, these will generate an increase in liquidity for $AIKEK and will make it easier for users to purchase tokens and get access to AlphaKEK’s leading crypto-analysis.

AlphaKEK & Decent Land Labs (DLL)

By partnering with everVision and launching their token on everPay, the team has also set itself up for a partnership with Decent Land Labs and their offering. By leveraging, AlphaKEK will be able to offer users their own .aikek identity.

.aikek names are friendly names for Ethereum wallet addresses and give users of the AlphaKEK web app an easy way to recognize the author of custom reports and be properly attributed. The DIDs are purchasable with the $AIKEK token on everPay and made possible through MEM, which acts as a bridge between the Ethereum address space and Arweave storage.

Note: .aikek namespaces are already supported for all Private Reports shared by users, and more functionality is coming soon.

AlphaKEK & Permaweb News (PWN)

Together with Permaweb News, AlphaKEK plans to develop the next iteration of AI-powered web3 journalism and research. Starting with a focus on the Arweave ecosystem, the teams will develop custom data integrations to provide users with real-time insights into on-chain and social events happening across the ecosystem. Plus, the teams will develop a series of live AI dashboards that will allow users to see the state of the ecosystem at a glance, discover new projects and analyze how the ecosystem and various projects have evolved over time.

By leveraging AlphaKEK’s models, users will be able to analyze the historical sentiment regarding Arweave, aggregated from across the web3 ecosystem and will be able to see the correlation between news, social media activity and price movement.

To ensure transparency and immutability, all the source data underpinning the models and dashboards that the teams will build is going to be stored on Arweave through the integration of MEM serverless functions as an integration layer, bringing about a new age in web3 journalism.

Following the first iteration focused on Arweave, the teams plan on expanding their work to encompass the entire web3 ecosystem, providing one place where users can find out about the latest events, read the latest research reports, understand the overall sentiment of the market and contribute to shaping unbiased web3 narratives.

About Us


AlphaKEK is an AI lab that operates an advanced, unbiased AI model fine-tuned for crypto data. Their AI engine–a custom GPU cloud infrastructure–powers their numerous apps, analyzes market data and, generates actionable research and analysis.

They currently have three working AI Apps: an unbiased chatbot, a research assistant that scans new crypto and finance-related content in real-time and provides update reports automatically, and a data visualization tool that generates sentiment analysis graphs. These apps are available for every token holder via a tiered access system, encouraging larger token holdings.

Decent Land Labs

Decent Land Labs is building the infrastructure needed to create an integrated, multichain environment where applications and data are interconnected and provide a simplified experience for both developers and end-users. They have developed tools such as the Ark Protocol, Molecular Execution Machine (MEM), WeaveWM, and to bridge the gap between Arweave and Ethereum.


everPay is everFinance's cross-chain payment settlement protocol that provides real-time, low-fee token payment settlements for users and merchants. everPay locks crypto assets from public chains into smart contracts and maps them into everPay to provide real-time payment settlements for users.

What are the advantages of everPay?

Instant: Unlike traditional blockchains where transfers have a wait time in order to be packaged, everPay transactions are verified and cached by everPay servers making it so that assets arrive in real-time. There is no need to wait for transactions to be packaged, and the server guarantees that transactions are sequentially uploaded to the chain within minutes.

Free transfers: everPay protocol follows the SCP (Storage-based consensus) paradigm which means there is no gas fee required, storing all everPay transactions via Arweave, with one million transactions for one dollar. At this stage users transfer assets, completely free of charge.

Multi-chain: The everPay protocol account system supports deposits and withdrawals to multiple chains - Ethereum, Arweave, Moonbeam, Conflux, BNB Chain, as well as PlatON.

Secure & transparent: everPay’s transactions ledger is transparent and immutable. Anyone can verify the ledger to ensure the validity and non-falsifiability of transactions.

About AlphaKEK AI

AlphaKEK is an AI lab that seeks to be an indispensable AI infrastructure layer for Web3, helping users better navigate the space and improve their financial decisions. Their B2B solutions currently power Web3 tools and applications using a next‑gen, unbiased AI model and data engine designed for crypto.

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