Twitter Spaces: CoinMerge

Twitter Spaces: CoinMerge

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  • Host introduces speakers from AlphaKEK AI: Vladimir and Vinny.
  • Vladimir, founder of AlphaKEK, and Vinny, business development, are presented.

About AlphaKEK AI

  • Mission and Vision:
    • An AI lab providing AI infrastructure for Web3 ecosystems.
    • Offers custom APIs, integrations, and AI tools for projects, blockchains, ecosystems, and Web3 products.
  • Technical Composition:
    • AlphaKEK comprises two main components:
      1. Custom Data Infrastructure:
        • AlphaKEK Fractal: A knowledge graph for feeding neural networks with data of various modalities.
      2. Custom Uncensored and Unbiased AI Models:
        • Developed for serving users with crypto research applications.
  • Applications and Tokenomics:
    • Offers Telegram bot, web apps, crypto market sentiment visualization tools, and more.
    • Ethereum-based $AIKEK token facilitates governance participation and access to AI applications.

Vladimir's Background

  • An AI researcher with seven years of industrial experience.
  • Presented at NVIDIA conferences and was featured in OpenAI's blog for his work on large language models.

Vinny's Role and AlphaKEK's Business Perspective

  • Describes AlphaKEK as akin to OpenAI but for crypto, emphasizing a similar business model but tailored for Web3 needs.
  • Highlights the misconception that OpenAI is merely a chatbot company when it actually provides AI infrastructure through APIs.

Challenges in Current AI Solutions

  • Existing AI models from major LLMs like OpenAI and Anthropic often fail to meet Web3 project needs.
  • Web3 projects report disappointment with the generic or non-responsive output from these models.

AlphaKEK's Solution

  • Developed an unbiased AI model and data engine, Fractal, to process and interpret financial information accurately.
  • Integrated vast data sources, including mainstream finance and obscure content like 4chan /biz/.

Alpha AGI: The Future of Autonomous AI Agents

  • Teasing Alpha AGI, an autonomous agent for crypto alpha research, aiming to be a first mover in AGI for Web3.
  • Designed to perform complex, multistep research tasks autonomously, providing users with insights into crypto markets.

Token Usage and Economic Model

  • Token holders gain enhanced access to AI apps based on the amount of $AIKEK they hold.
  • A portion of the income, including token transaction tax, funds the buyback and burn strategy to enhance token value.

Discussion Highlights

  • .json, a seasoned Web3 marketing professional working with AlphaKEK, praises the team's expertise and the project's potential to revolutionize AI in Web3.
  • Emphasizes the need for unrestricted AI tools for effective decision-making and research in the crypto space.


  • AlphaKEK AI aims to provide a robust, unbiased AI infrastructure for the Web3 ecosystem, addressing the gaps left by existing AI solutions.
  • Encourages attendees to follow their journey and explore the potential of AI in transforming crypto research and analytics.


Speaker 2:
We have two speakers here from AlphaKEK.AI, Vinny and the Alpha main account, so make sure to follow both of these and the mic is yours to go ahead and present. Thank you for your patience.

Speaker 1 (Vladimir):
Hello, thank you for having us. I'm Vladimir, the founder of AlphaKEK, and with me is Vinny, the head of business development at AlphaKEK. We are an AI lab that provides infrastructure for Web3 ecosystems, including custom APIs, integrations, and AI tools for projects, blockchains, ecosystems, and Web3 products. AlphaKEK consists of two main components: a custom data infrastructure known as AlphaKEK Fractal, a knowledge graph used to feed neural networks with data of multiple modalities, and custom uncensored and unbiased AI models for serving our users. We offer multiple crypto research apps, including Telegram bots, web apps, crypto market sentiment visualization tools, and more, with APIs coming soon. Our token is on Ethereum, serving as our governance token and providing access to our AI applications. The more tokens you hold, the more perks you have within our apps ecosystem.

I'm an AI researcher with seven years of industrial experience, having presented at NVIDIA and other AI conferences on topics ranging from computer graphics to astroparticle physics. My work on large language models for multi-messenger astronomy was mentioned in an OpenAI blog post. Over the last nine months, I've been building the infrastructure and tools for crypto market research. Now, Vinny will share more about AlphaKEK from a business standpoint.

Speaker 3 (Vinny):
Hey, everyone. As an early holder, user, and community member of AlphaKEK AI, I'm leading business development. We've developed an unbiased AI model, a data engine, and other key technologies. For instance, we're working with Arweave to build their analytics dashboard powered by our custom AI engine, positioning us similarly to OpenAI but focused on crypto. While OpenAI's core is their API, enabling an ecosystem of applications, our front-end features, like chatbots and research apps on web, Telegram, and Discord, showcase our AI engine. These tools offer unique functions such as sentiment analysis, token audits, and bullishness scores.

The underlying problem we address is that many Web3 projects are essentially GPT wrappers, relying on models not designed for financial or crypto outputs. We've spoken to various Web3 projects disappointed by the generic or rejected outputs from popular APIs. To fill this gap, we've developed a new AI infrastructure standard for Web3, integrating a vast range of data sources, including traditional finance and crypto-related data. We're also introducing Alpha AGI, an autonomous agent for crypto alpha research, to be a first mover in AGI within crypto. If you're interested in using our AI engine, feel free to join our Telegram and Discord communities.

Speaker 2:
Thank you, guys. I'll get a tweet pinned with more information. You have a cryptocurrency token, correct? How does that relate to everything?

Speaker 1 (Vladimir):
Yes, to access our AI apps, you need to hold a certain amount of our AI token. We have two user tiers: standard and premium. Holding 100 USD worth of AIKEK grants basic access, while 1000 USD worth grants premium access, including enhanced API rate quotas and DAO voting rights. Our token has a 4% buy and sell tax, with 33% of our income, including this tax, dedicated to buyback and burn strategies. So far, we've burned about 4.5% of our total supply and plan to burn more in the future.

Speaker 4 (Jason):
I've been working with AlphaKEK and am impressed by their expertise and potential. Vladimir's experience in AI and Vinny's in finance underscore the strength of their team. The unrestricted, unbiased AI tools they offer are crucial for effective research and decision-making in the crypto space. AlphaKEK's mission to provide these tools to businesses has a lot of potentials.

Speaker 2:
Thanks, Jay, for that insight. Any other comments or questions for AlphaKEK AI?

About AlphaKEK AI

AlphaKEK is an AI lab that seeks to be an indispensable AI infrastructure layer for Web3, helping users better navigate the space and improve their financial decisions. Their B2B solutions currently power Web3 tools and applications using a next‑gen, unbiased AI model and data engine designed for crypto.

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