Introducing AlphaKEK Decentralized Identities

Introducing AlphaKEK Decentralized Identities

As part of our continued collaboration with the Arweave ecosystem, we are happy to announce that AlphaKEK AI has partnered with Decent Land Labs to offer users their own .aikek identity, powered by is the MEM identity framework being used to create .aikek, the same framework powers Arweave Name Service and other identity layers including Hackernoon.

AlphaKEK User Benefits


  • Pay once—own your domain forever
  • Minted with $AIKEK tokens
  • Mapped to an Ethereum address
  • Records stored permanently on Arweave
  • Built using and

App Credits

Now, owning an .aikek domain applies to your AlphaKEK AI user tier! So, if you own an .aikek domain worth 4,000 of $AIKEK, these 4,000 will contribute towards your existing AlphaKEK app access.

Content Attribution

We have introduced a new content attribution system for publicly-shared reports generated by users on the platform.

The attribution system ensures creators get credit for their public work while providing an organized way to browse different authors' outputs. It drives transparency and recognition within the AlphaKEK community around data analysis contributions.

The key aspects are:

  1. Public reports will display the author's name/identifier, either as their connected domain name (if they have one) or their wallet address.
  2. This creates a centralized showcase area for each user, similar to Midjourney's personal creation gallery, but specifically for data reports and analysis generated on AlphaKEK.

Coming soon:

  1. These author names/wallet addresses will be clickable links that take you to a dedicated profile page aggregating all the public reports created by that user.
  2. Future iterations may add social features like being able to "like" and interact with other users' public report galleries.

How do I get one?

Your Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) can be purchased with $AIKEK on everPay and made possible through MEM, which acts as a bridge between the Ethereum address space and Arweave storage.

  1. Install MetaMask.
  2. Own $AIKEK on Ethereum.
  3. Go to and check the availability and price of the name you want to own.
  4. Deposit sufficient $AIKEK on
  5. Mint the domain on using your everPay balance.


Decent Land Labs

Decent Land Labs is building the infrastructure needed to create an integrated, multichain environment where applications and data are interconnected and provide a simplified experience for both developers and end-users. They have developed tools such as the Ark Protocol, Molecular Execution Machine (MEM), WeaveWM, and to bridge the gap between Arweave and Ethereum. is a chain-agnostic (yet on-chain) framework for deploying custom web3 identities. All deployments are cross-indexed, building a web of interoperable identities. If you're a DAO, protocol, dApp or chain, spin up your own identity system! Implementations of rely on MEM for logic and everPay for payments, two chain-agnostic Arweave-based L2s.

Molecular Execution Machine (MEM)

MEM is a platform for building and deploying fast, trustless applications. With serverless architecture, MEM enables the deployment and execution of functions without the need for infrastructure. MEM can be layered with an existing web2 or web3 stack, or used to develop and deploy applications from scratch. It is natively chain-agnostic, but allows authentication from 14 EVM and non-EVM chains and can call data from any chain or API.

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