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Twitter Spaces: 256 Marketing

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Introduction and Promotion

  • The host begins the podcast by welcoming listeners and mentioning the start-up phase.
  • Encouragement for listeners to share and invite more people to join the podcast for wider reach.
  • Discussion on the lack of intro music and the host engaging in promotional activities.

Guest Arrival and Market Discussion

  • Vinny, the guest, joins the podcast with a brief delay mentioned.
  • The host and Vinny engage in a discussion about the current state of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Bitcoin's price increase to almost $72K.
  • Ethereum's price over $4K.
  • Tether's stable value and a joke about its performance.
  • Dogecoin breaking into the top 10 coins worldwide and a sense of market euphoria.
  • Positive performance of Avax and Sheep, indicating a bullish sentiment.

Introduction of AlphaKEK.AI

  • Speaker 1 introduces AlphaKEK.AI, emphasizing its potential in the market and its unique offerings.
  • Vinny provides background information about his experience in traditional finance and transition to DeFi, mentioning his work with Peter Schiff.
  • Vladimir introduces himself, highlighting his experience in AI research across various fields and his interest in merging AI with cryptocurrency and finance.

AlphaKEK.AI's Technology and Offerings

AI Lab and Engine
AlphaKEK.AI operates as an AI lab, at the core of which lies an advanced AI engine. This engine powers a variety of Web3 tools, including chatbots and analytics dashboards, designed to assist users in navigating the cryptocurrency market more effectively.

Custom AI Model
Distinct from other models, AlphaKEK.AI's AI is uncensored and unbiased, capable of processing vast amounts of data from a wide range of sources. This inclusivity extends to mainstream financial data, on-chain data, and even niche sources like internet forums and Satoshi Nakamoto's emails.

The project's proprietary technology, the Fractal Knowledge Graph, enables the AI to process and analyze data at an unprecedented scale. By creating complex relationships between data points across various sources, the engine can offer insights with a higher context and relevance than traditional AI models.

Data Sources & Integration
AlphaKEK.AI leverages over 30k different data points for its analyses, significantly more than the average AI, allowing for a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of market trends and sentiments.

Tokenomics and GPU Infrastructure

Buyback and Burn Program
A distinctive feature of AlphaKEK.AI's tokenomics is its commitment to regularly buy back and burn tokens, using 33% of the revenue generated from transaction taxes and other sources. This deflationary mechanism aims to reduce the total supply of tokens over time, potentially increasing their value for holders.

Benefits for Token Holders
Holding AlphaKEK.AI tokens grants users full access to the project's suite of AI applications, along with extra features and capabilities within the AI bots. This includes the ability to utilize the AI in personal or group chats, access to more data sources, and exclusive features like detailed reports generated by the AI.

GPU Infrastructure
To support the computational demands of its AI, AlphaKEK.AI utilizes a hybrid GPU infrastructure that combines cloud GPUs for high availability tasks and local GPU servers for intensive data processing tasks. This setup allows for quick iteration, more control over resources, and the ability to scale operations efficiently.

Future Plans and AI Agent Model

Market Distribution & Product Development
Moving forward, AlphaKEK.AI aims to focus on market distribution and the development of hyper-specific products that cater to the community's needs. The flexibility of their AI engine allows for rapid creation and improvement of applications, such as customized telegram bots and analytics tools, tailored to various use cases within the crypto space.

Alpha AGI - Autonomous AI Agent
A significant future development is the introduction of Alpha AGI, an AI agent model designed to perform autonomous research based on user-defined tasks. Unlike traditional chatbots, Alpha AGI can initiate research, monitor market data, and provide updates independently, offering insights into topics users may not have been aware of. This represents a shift towards more proactive and self-sufficient AI tools in the cryptocurrency research space.

Enhancing User Experience
The agent model aims to reduce the need for constant interaction by performing continuous, autonomous analysis. This could revolutionize how users obtain information, moving from reactive queries to receiving preemptive insights and updates on significant market movements or opportunities.


  • Final thoughts on AlphaKEK.AI's potential impact on trading strategies and its value for investors and users.
  • Encouragement for listeners to research and engage with AlphaKEK.AI's services for a better understanding of its offerings.


.json: Welcome everyone. We're just starting up. I'm going to go ahead and get all the tweets out, start promoting, making sure everybody's aware. So we give about a few minutes for everybody just to get in here and get ready. I wish I had some music but I don't so you're gonna have to listen to me frantically type the keyboard.

Alright guys, I'm just getting out, I want more, guys. So go ahead and hit down at the bottom right, the three dots that are connected. Hit that share button. Share via post, invite, do whatever you got to do. Let's get more people in here.

We got AlphaKEK AI with us today. Vinny, if you're listening, please send in an invite. I can't see you. Yeah, hi, everyone. Vinny is saying he has some bugs in his app. He's going to join us in a moment.

Okay, no worries. I'm going to send out some reminders. Make sure the guys over at the boardroom get this.

Wow, guys, we are, I think we're back. Bitcoin's at 72k, Ethereum's over 4k, Tether's still at a dollar. That's a joke by the way, they're both as stable as XRP is. Dogecoin broke the top 10 coins worldwide, wow. AVAX is up, SHIBA's up, everything. This is euphoria, max euphoria. What do you guys think?

I want everybody to go share. We need more people. We had like 140 last time. Okay, I see Qazim there, Q-A-S-I-M. That guy is a great graphics artist. If you guys ever need anything, go see my boy. He does stickers, graphics, NFTs, he's great.

Oh yeah, that's probably Vinny. Okay, let's see. It's okay, I think she's fighting the Twitter app right now. No worries, we're gonna wait for him. Yeah, they are. Twitter's the worst for this because I don't know, they've got the best platform for this online spaces and it's always buggy, always, always, always buggy.

.json: Yeah, we have Vinny here. Mic check, there we go, we got him. Everything good?

Vinny: Yeah, perfect. Just had some mic issues and couldn't connect for some reason.

.json: Yeah, we were. I think all my following has grown to expect Twitter issues. You know, every time we do these things, there's an account that can't join. They send in a request, it's not there.

Alright, guys, we're here. We've got AlphaKEK AI here. We're going to dive into it. The market's great, people are joining. Again, guys, go down to the share button, share it around, let's get more people in here. The more joined, the more chance we have of getting shown on like that slot on the right of Twitter where they show everything that's happening live on X right now. And last time we made it there, and, you know, we blew up, we got another lot of listeners, so let's try to share it around and grab that gas. It seems like it's okay right now, I don't know, it's high. As one of my guys says, "gas fees are up, but the market's going crazy."

Guys, what do you think of the market so far? Are you feeling the euphoria like I am? Vlad, Vinny, what are you thinking of the market right now?

Vladimir: Yeah, I think we are not at the top yet, but yeah, this would be a spoiler, but I was like running some sentiment analysis checks like this morning, like European morning, and I saw that for altcoins, the overall sentiment is plateauing, so we basically had, well, maybe I'm right on, like, I had a bit of a head of what we are gonna discuss, but it seems like at least altcoins are gonna consolidate for a while and then it will have a breakout.

.json: You heard it first here, guys. Financial advice, go remortgage the house, do what Vlad says. Just joking, obviously.

Alright, let's dive into it, man. I'm so excited. You guys have recently experienced a tremendous amount of interest. So I'm glad to have you here. Guys, we have AlphaKEK AI with us. And we got two of the most professional and smart guys that I've met in this space, a lot of different people.

And, you know, it's hard for me to get excited about things anymore. I don't, you know, I've seen it all. And every dev thinks their project is the best. And they're so excited. And you know, that's just happens. But when I came across this project, I legitimately got excited for a few reasons. And it's great to see that the chart is reflecting where this project should be. I haven't checked it right now, I'm gonna take a look, but these guys just redesigned their website, they really just stilled their messaging, and I see this being a really good project in this upcoming market and something that I would support and even recommend for my followers to get into.

With that being said, let's start by meeting the team. Vinny, we'll start with you. Go ahead, say hello to everybody, a little bit about yourself as much or as little as you want to, and go ahead and introduce yourself.

Vinny: Yeah, I think the website just went live literally like three minutes ago. Our web dev just pushed it. So yeah, feel free to go to the website, It's a big rebrand, it's a big facelift. We've been working on this for quite a while and people have been waiting for it. And I think it makes things a lot clearer, it's more simplified, more concise.

So yeah, I'm Vinny. I am marketing at AlphaKEK AI, and I have a background in finance. So I worked in traditional finance for basically my entire adult life. And I guess my claim to fame is I worked for Peter Schiff, the economist, for like 10 years. So I helped launch a lot of his products.

Long story short, I worked in banking, investments, asset management. And in 2020, when DeFi came out, DeFi Summer 2020, it was a big breakthrough for me because I was able to see how it innovated and improved a lot of the issues I saw in traditional finance, in banking and trading investments. And I was blown away. So I basically took a leap and, you know, went to DeFi. I got into the NFT space for a little bit and, um, you know, just trading, investing. And finally, I met Vladimir last year.

It was through our community called biz, which is the business and finance forum on 4chan. And I'll get into that a little bit later. But yeah, I've just been working mostly in traditional finance and marketing, launching products in fintech, work with some big firms like Interactive Brokers and Saxo Bank.

.json: Thank you for that introduction, Vinny. That's some pretty big feathers in your cap there. Peter Schiff is no joke. And some of your background, that's definitely something to take note and something I didn't want to go over the head of the listeners. That's a great resume, buddy. These guys are absolutely lucky to have you.

And Vlad, I know you've got the big guns too. So go ahead and introduce yourself, brother.

Vladimir: Yeah, hello everyone. Yes, I'm Vladimir. I am basically like an AI researcher, so I have seven years of industrial and academic AI experience. Originally, I was studying AI for cybersecurity. That's how I dipped my toes into Ethereum and all the crypto stuff while being a student. I've tried to write some simple Solidity contracts when Solidity just came out.

I switched to developing AI first for large-scale code analysis, then for computer graphics, then for astrophysics. And I still, like, all this time I was monitoring, investing a little bit, being a crypto and finance enthusiast in general, because I like numbers, I love working with stats, etc. And that's how I basically ended up here by combining my two favorite things, crypto, stats, AI.

.json: Nice, man. And if you guys didn't realize, Vlad's been in AI way before any of us in the DeFi space have even heard about OpenAI. So that experience is invaluable, it's priceless.

Vladimir: Yeah, it's about 10 years since I have trained my first machine learning model. So I don't remember exactly when it happened, but it was like in March or April, like 10 years ago. So, yeah.

.json: Wild. That's awesome, man, and it's nice to see you taking that. I think you know the intersection of crypto and AI is going to be a huge industry. I mean, the implications of AI in general are huge. I think, you know, something that really gives me, allows me to be grateful in this space because it allows me to keep up with all the changes, you know, with the ways that the markets work. And, you know, every time there's a new step forward, there's a token project for it. So it allows us to stay on the very cutting edge, which is very cool, very exciting.

Anyways, definitely glad to have you guys here. Your project's awesome right now. As Vinny mentioned, it's, so A-L-P-H-A-K-E-K.AI. And yeah, the new website looks great, guys. I love the dark vibe. I always change everything I can to dark mode. So this is resonating with me.

That's awesome. And then, yeah, let's jump right into it. A little bit of background, a little overview about the project. You introduced yourself. So maybe a little bit about the project, its Inception and a few of what you guys do. And maybe I'll just try to explain it in very non-jargony, simple terms first quickly.

Vinny: We're a lab, so we're an AI lab, and our AI engine powers Web3 tools. So we have chatbots, we have analytics dashboards. These are just front ends, but what we really are is an AI engine, which is composed of an uncensored, unbiased model that Vladimir created, as well as something called a knowledge graph. We're codenaming it Fractal.

It basically allows us to process a lot more data at the same time than ChatGPT. Then you have a ton of data sources across mainstream finance, DEXScreener, on-chain data, even as well as really obscure data sources like 4chan's biz or Satoshi's emails. So there's an entire engine that powers these different tools.

And the tools that you see right now, the chatbot for sort of our B2C consumer line of products, you can jump into our Telegram and use it. There's a visualizer where it can actually generate these really professional financial charts of what you're asking for. The B2C offer is really just like a research assistant. And then for businesses, we're offering white-labeled chatbots, analytics sites, and other things as well. There's a lot of different use cases that we're still bringing on every day.

It's good to think about it as the backend engine that powers all these different applications in crypto. The goal is really to help our users research better, you know, navigate Web3 better, and ultimately get alpha, right? Get insights faster than anybody else to capitalize on certain investments and trades and trends.

.json: You're right. It's kind of harnessing all that information. And for me, as a trader and, you know, just overall fan of the space, I could see how a tool like this could absolutely change the way that I handle any of my research. So many projects, you know, come across our desk and even from a personal trading lens that I kind of wouldn't or don't pay attention to because I don't have the time to go and research it. It's at the end of the day and it just gets forgotten. And then I see it a week later, it's a hundred X, and I'm kind of kicking myself. I could see this tool allowing me to, you know, make those decisions and make them properly and just help me assist with my trading, just being better at overall.

So I am very excited to see this being used, and you said one important thing is that ChatGPT has a lot of guidelines and restrictions, so having the ability to use the same sort of tech with more data sources and without those restrictions, I just imagine the possibilities are huge here.

So with that, let's talk a little bit. I want to jump to the token itself, and how that reflects on the holders, because I know I get DMs already about some of my guys. So let's talk about the token itself, the way that that plays in your economic model. I don't know if you guys have, I think you had a 4-4 tax structure, stuff like that. So give me the basic information on the token and tokenomics and how the token plays a role in your models here.

Vladimir: Sure, I could do that. So yeah, the token has the 4-4 tax structure. We use 33% of our revenue, both from the tax and from other sources such as selling B2B integrations, to buy back and burn AlphaKEK tokens, like burn them forever. And so far, we have been on about 4% of total supply, slightly over 4% already.

If you are a token holder, you get the full access to all of our AI apps. You get extra features when using our AI bots. For example, if you open our group chat right now, you could use most of the features of our bots. You could ask a question, you could write a sentiment chart, you could generate a summary.

But there are some caveats. First of all, you won't be able to use it in any group chat or in your direct messages. You need to be a token holder for this. Also, if you are a token holder, you get more data sources for each of your questions. If you are a token holder, you get access to some exclusive features such as detailed reports, which is a special mode for acquiring the AlphaKEK Fractal by performing a really deep search that provides much more information than an average reply, but it's more compute-intensive, it takes more time, so it's only available for token holders.

And in the future, we will be expanding more on that, and token holders will be getting more and more features in our apps for holding tokens. And at the same time, since the deflationary, we will be burning more and more, thus decreasing the total supply. So even if you got a lot of traders who don't use any of the tools, but they just want to invest, you guys just throw it in there and wait, and because of the buyback and burn program, that price is going to increase. So I obviously recommend using these tools for sure.

.json: Great explanation. Now, I know you guys are running a lot of this with your own GPUs. I wanted to ask, what were the challenges or how do you guys run that and power the AI and kind of process all the computations there?

Vladimir: That's kind of an easy task because I have a lot of experience in managing both on-premises and cloud GPU infrastructure, working with Kubernetes, with AWS, with Google Cloud, etc. Basically, right now, we have a hybrid cloud solution. We have some cloud GPUs in Google Cloud, and they are running their chat services that should be highly available, so basically no downtime, etc. They should be always working. And this is not so computing-intensive tasks, so we could afford to go to the cloud.

But when it comes to the AlphaKEK Fractal, we run it on our local GPU server, and it allows us to iterate more quickly. It gives us much more control on the resources, and since it's a predictable workload, the cloud savings don't work here. So we're expanding on that, and over time, we are planning to allocate more and more resources to our own GPU cluster and to basically achieve more control to enable some very specific optimizations that would make the stuff faster and more accessible and sustainable for users.

.json: I find that such a fantastic answer. And usually, I've had similar projects who are using this, and that's usually an area in which they struggle. So judging by your response, you obviously are clearly experienced to handle it and to make sure it's running at the pinnacle of what it can be. Wow, that's fantastic. And I guess that's something I want to point out is your experience from your background and bringing that to the project is going to, you know, make you guys stand out, head and shoulders among everybody else. So that's wonderful.

So we talked a bit earlier, and we talked about hearing community, you know, on a prep call, and taking their feedback and kind of using that to shape the direction of where AlphaKEK is going and the services that you guys provide. So I wanted to ask, what are the next steps in your roadmap and how do you see it evolving in the next, over the bull and coming after that even?

Vinny: I think we need to get reversed. Maybe I'll explain or give an opinion in general, and then Vladimir could talk about specifics on the roadmap.

You know, I think what you heard from Vladimir is what he's been working on for the last six months, building through the bear market, building the engine out, completing it, and having some basic front ends, the web app, the Telegram bot. We do have some proofs of concepts of custom apps as well for other projects, as well as like one ecosystem. So we built a custom analytics site for them.

What you're seeing is a lot of the resources have been put into building out a working product. And now we're looking towards the market and seeing, okay, what are some of the best ways to distribute this product in a very laser targeted way?

When you look at other AI projects that are doing well, they're relatively new in the space, but what they've done well is they've created these alert bots, alpha bots, just hyper-specific products that their community has asked for.

So I think the luxury from here on out is because we've done the hard work of building out this engine that processes so much data in a very uncensored, unbiased way, and all these data integrations, we can easily just take what we see in the market and quickly improve upon them.

A lot of these bots that we see, they're just sort of giving quantitative data, they're providing alerts, with just the name of the project, price, market, volume. But we can actually provide qualitative data. We can give short summaries of the tokens, we can give bullishness scores, we can give a list of catalysts that might help this token.

So I think this is sort of where the community can get involved. As you start seeing different use cases of an AI engine in the marketplace, you can tell us and we can easily recreate it very quickly. I mean, a Telegram bot takes like a day to build.

Vladimir: I could add one more thing. One big thing we are working on right now is what we call the AlphaKEK AGI, which is basically an AI agent model.

The key difference between this and just a chatbot is that the AGI could work on its own. So in the case of a chat, you always have the message from you, message from AI, message from you, message from AI. Over time, that becomes tiresome.

The idea of the AI agent is to create a system that would be taking a task from you, researching some specific topic, token, or for example, letting them know that the sentiment around some project changes a lot, or just taking a look at your wallet and doing research on this stuff. And after that, the AI agent will be executing research on its own and just letting you know the updates on the fly if there is something important.

This is a big thing, because when you chat with a chatbot, you usually know the answer already or know it with a high degree of certainty. But the AI agent mode will be dedicated for researching things that you didn't know at all. So it will be doing the research from scratch, from the ground up, just for you to let you know about stuff that you didn't even knew about.

.json: I would use that to do all my trading. You know, before I go to bed, go research this token or, you know, the possible benefits of this whatever industry - that would be an amazing tool. That's why I think it's such a valuable tool for guys like me. I don't claim to be super knowledgeable in this space, I don't know how to code, but I know how to spot opportunities and the hype around certain things and maybe guess where they're going or at least be aware that there's potential. To be able to kind of supplement my limited knowledge or capabilities in this space with a tool such as this would absolutely change my trading strategy and my effectiveness.

That's why I'm really bullish on this. And I think it's a tool that could really help everybody out. Even if they're not interested in being an investor, to be a user of these services is going to change everything. So that's why I'm bullish on it. And that's why I'm excited for the many of the things that we covered here today, guys. Very well done.

I think we're going to cap it here because we're approaching just over 40 minutes on the recording. Again, very well done, very exciting guys. - we're sitting here at 7.7 mil and I think we got a lot of ways to go. The current market is showing we're getting to 30, 40 mil easily. And I think when we're looking at the ingredients, you guys are way undervalued right now. So for me, it's a buy signal.

Any more call to action before we get going here, guys? You want to say goodbye or anything?

Vinny: Nope. Other than check out the new website and jump into our Telegram to test out our engine through the Telegram bot.

.json: Perfect. I'm going to do a follow-up tweet with all the information to send my guys over, but I appreciate your time here today. Thank you, boys.

Vinny & Vladimir: Thank you so much, guys.

.json: Alright, everybody. Thank you for joining us today. As things pick up, we're going to look for a lot more of these opportunities for you. Trying to give you the best chance to make some money during this bull run. I definitely support AlphaKEK AI, and I hope to see you guys soon. Thank you, and have a good day, everybody. See you guys soon.

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